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Supplier Onboarding & Training

ADM is always looking for best-in-class suppliers to do business with. If you are interested in becoming an approved ADM supplier, please refer to the Strategic Sourcing page for more information.

We are excited to announce that ADM will soon implement a new tool with Coupa software technology that will allow you to receive orders and track invoices electronically. This will reduce your need to call and follow up on the status of invoice payments and should expedite the payment process. Going forward, our goal is to move all eligible ADM suppliers to this new process using Coupa.

What is Coupa and why?

Coupa is a cloud-based procurement system that ADM will be going live with starting in April 2020, with other releases to follow. Coupa makes it easy for you to do business and engage with ADM. And it brings a plethora of benefits to you as an ADM supplier.

  • Automation
  • Reduced time to payment
  • Real-time tracking of purchase orders & invoices
  • Available on any device
  • Catalogs drive purchase order volumes
  • Free

Supplier Kickstarter Kit

A supplier’s guide to ADM Coupa releases, with key meetings, onboarding activities and milestones you need to pay attention to.

Click here to download kickstarter kit.

Key Dates


Enablement Methods and Buying Channels

There are several enablement (or transmission) methods and buying channels for suppliers to connect into Coupa and conduct business with ADM.

Enablement/Transmission Methods:

  • cXML Integration: when the invoice is auto-generated from the details on the PO because the supplier’s ERP system is connected to Coupa. It supports high transaction volumes with minimal effort required, allowing for real-time communication between the supplier’s and ADM’s ERP systems.
  • Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP): suppliers using CSP will have an account on Coupa’s Supplier Portal to manage their POs and invoices. POs and Invoices are electronically transmitted via CSP, and an invoice can be generated directly against a contract or a PO. CSP provides visibility across all POs and invoices, using one CSP account for multiple customers.
  • Supplier Actionable Notification (SAN)/Email: Coupa’s SAN/Email method allows suppliers to receive POs electronically via email, and flip the PO into an invoice directly from their provided email. There is no technical setup, but does not support invoicing against a contract as a PO is required.

Buying Channels:

  • Punchout Catalogs: provide access to the supplier’s catalog that has the same look and feel as the supplier’s website interface. It supports high volume as well as dynamic goods and services. Suppliers must support punchout capabilities and are required to maintain the catalog (and its items) by the supplier.
  • Hosted Catalogs: loaded into Coupa, so users can search for and add items to their cart directly within the platform. They provide a high level of control over items, but require a higher level of management. This is the fastest way to get your catalog into Coupa. There are 2 types of hosted catalogs: supplier-managed and customer-managed.

Supplier Resources

After enablement and onboarding, ADM would like to provide all the training and support resources possible for your success working with ADM. Here is a list of helpful guides and documents:


During the Coupa Release periods between now and July 2020, please contact the Supplier Enablement Team for general questions on enablement methods and buying channels at ADMCoupa@adm.com.